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What goes better with fluffy white buttercream, than rainbows! I’m no pro when it comes to fondant, so I cheated, and made little rainbow toppers from clay instead. The best part, they can be used over and over. So without further ado, clay rainbow cupcake toppers…


⁃ Fimo Craft Clay

⁃ Tooth Picks

⁃ Hot Glue Gun

⁃ Knife

⁃ Frosted Cupcakes


Step One

Begin by rolling out each piece of clay, in a long, worm like, strand. I used five different colors for my rainbows, so I rolled out 5 different strands of clay.

Step Two

Channel your inner child, and begin making the rainbow. Stack each strand on top of each other, and bend the strands into a ‘U’. Then, using a sharp knife, cut the excess clay from the bottom. 

Step Three

Bake the clay rainbows according to the directions, on the back of the Fimo package. 

Step Four

Once the rainbows have cooled, you can glue a toothpick to the back of each rainbow, or just place the clay rainbow directly on top of the cupcake. 

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