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Baseball Cake DIY


Are you ready to hit their birthday cake out of the park? Well you came to the right place! This super cute baseball cake is perfect for any baseball bash!



- Cake mix

- Frosting

- Wilton Ready Rolled Fondant

- Food Coloring (red and green)

- Wilton 3-D sports ball cake pan set

- Piping bag

- Piping tips

- Fondant smoother




- Follow the directions on cake mix. Spray pans. The pan directions say it holds exactly 5 cups of batter. I only made 1 box of cake mix, so I did 2 cups of cake batter in each pan and split the rest of the batter between two pans. It was slightly less than 5 cups total. T

- Bake at 350 for 25-35 minutes ( It took mine about 38 minutes total to bake through)

- Cool on a rack in the pans for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes flip cakes out of pans onto cooling rack. Let cool for at least one hour before frosting. If cake comes out uneven on flat sides, use a knife to shave off until it’s more flat.

- Add frosting on the flat side of cake and then place them together to form the round baseball shape. Frost all sides of the cake until it has a smooth round shape. Use pre rolled fondant to make it look like a smooth baseball. I rolled out the fondant just slightly bigger so it came around all sides of the cake. I used a fondant smoother to smooth out any imperfections as well as smoothing it out around the bottom edges and working out any folds or wrinkles. You can use a knife of pizza cutter to cut off any excess fondant at the bottom. I just used store bought frosting and added green and red food coloring into my piping bags to add the grass and the lacing on the baseball!

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