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Supplies Needed: (can be found on Amazon)

-Silicone tree ornament mould

-Fake sprinkles

-Bakers twine

-Resin Mix -Resin dyes

-Plastic Cups

-Plastic Utensils for stirring



DIRECTIONS: Pour equal amounts of resin and hardener into plastic cups. I found to get the least amount of air bubbles, first heat the resin and hardener, by setting the cups separately into a dish of hot water for a few minutes. After they are heated I mix both equal parts together slowly following the instructions for the resin kit. I’ve also heard using plastic cups and utensils help minimize air bubbles as well, so that’s what I ended up using!

Mix slowly for about 5 minutes until resin looks completely clear with no striations or bubbles. Poor a small amount of the clear resin into the bottom of the mould, until the surface is covered but not full of resin to the top (we will be doing these in layers). After the first small resin layer, add in the sprinkles until they are all placed where you like them!

Add a tiny bit more of the clear until the mold is about filled halfway up. You can use a toothpick to adjust the sprinkles if they moved around a little. Let this layer sit for 3-5 hours before adding the colored resin layer.

For the colored resin, you follow the exact way of making the clear resin but once you are finished mixing for the 5 minutes, you can add whichever resin dye color do your choice. Mix the color until it looks smooth and mixed completely and then pour colored resin on top of the clear layer until the rest of the mould is filled close to the top.

Let cure for about 12-24 hours before removing from the silicone mould. Once you remove from the mould you can add bakers twine for the ornament tie. After that you are finished and have an adorable tree ornament!

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