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The Cutest Christmas Treat!


I made this cute Rice Krispy Treat Christmas Tree, using a traffic cone. You heard that right! A traffic cone! I guess you could also call it a sports cone, but nonetheless, one of those orange cones. I prepared my Rice Krispy Treats, died them green, and stuffed them up a greased traffic cone. Bizarre, but did’t my Krispy tree turn out so cute? I can’t wait to share all the delicious details with you, so here we go!

Rice Krispy Treat Christmas Tree




Small Traffic Cone/Sports Cone

Original Rice Krispy Recipe (Double Butter)

Buttercream Frosting

Food Coloring

Frosting Bags


Piping Tips


Non-Stick Spray

Yellow Card Stock


Step One



Make a double batch of Rice Krispy Treats. I used the original Rice Krispy recipe, but doubled the butter. Why double the butter? Because that little tweak makes all the difference between a soft Rice Krispy Treat, and a hard Rice Krispy Treat. When the marshmallows and the butter have melted together, channel your inner spruce, and add the green food coloring.


Step Two


Spray the inside of a traffic cone with non-stick spray. This step is pretty important. If you DON’T spray the inside of the traffic cone with non-stick spray, the Rice Krispy Tree WON’T come out.


Step Three


Begin stuffing the traffic cone with Rice Krispy Treats, packing firmly. It helps if you spray your hands with non-stick spray as well.


Step Four


Let your Rice Krispy tree firm up over night. If you skip this step, your tree will eventually fall over.


Step Five


Make a batch of delicious buttercream frosting. Separate into different bowls, and mix in different colors of food coloring.


Step Six


Scoop the frosting into piping bags, with couplers, so that you can interchange frosting tips willy nilly. Frost your tree, experimenting with different piping tips and textures. Their really isn’t a wrong way to pipe your tree, just get creative. Viola!

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