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+ NEED +

  • Three, Six Inch Round Cakes
  • Buttercream
  • White Fondant
  • Black Fondant

Do you know what I love most about this cake? Is that you need ZERO fondant skills to make it! I hate working with fondant, and I’ve watched enough episodes of Cake Wars to know that I’m definitely NOT a pro. HUGE round of applause to those who have mastered the sugary taffy like substance, that’s called fondant. I’m being so serious, when I tell you making this cake is as easy as stacking three cakes, and draping fondant over the top. Keep scrolling for all the spooky details!


Stack three, 6 inch round cakes, with buttercream between each layer. OH, and to get the dome shape of a ghost, don’t cut off the rounded shape of the top cake.


While blindfolded, frost the outside of the cake. I say blindfolded haha, because you can frost as messy as you’d like to. No professional cake decorators here. The frosting is basically there to taste delicious.


Roll out a large piece of white fondant in a round-ish shape. Again, no need to be precise, just have fun with it. I will say that rolling it out thicker, rather than thinner, is easier to pick up when it comes time to drape.


Gently pick up the fondant (don’t worry about it ripping if you kept it thick enough) and drape it over the cake. VIOLA! Ghost!


Out of black fondant, cut eyes and a mouth. Apply with a bit of water to the white fondant/ghost. I made this cake first attempt, so when I say this cake is easy peasy, I mean it. How cute would this cake be as a centerpiece for a Halloween party? My daughters birthday is October 10th, and we are doing a ghost themed birthday party. So I’m super excited to make this cake again for her birthday party!





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